Make a decision

Dear sir:
Your newspaper has been running articles about a proposed needle exchange program in Fort Frances.
I phoned Mr. Ken Allan from the health unit, and he explained to me that sharing needles is very dangerous. People could contract hepatitis, etc.
Well, as much as I know, it is against the law to have illegal drugs in your possession. I read in your “court report” of people being fined for possession.
Well, I and thousands of others are diabetics and are kept alive on insulin injections. We have to purchase our needles, which runs between $300-$400 per year.
Well, I don’t mind if you (the government) want to help drug addicts. I phoned the company that sells our needles and asked if they could be recycled. But there was a “no.”
If we, as seniors, cannot afford the needles, we are in danger of kidney disease and may have to be put on the machine. This, too, is very expensive.
Make a decision–drug users, or sick people, or both. But don’t do it one-sided and prefer the drug users over those who are ill.
Yours truly,
Inge Scheibler