Major loss

Dear editor:
The Muskie football program lost both coaches Greg Allan and Bob Swing. Both men have great knowledge of the game and have coached many players to the next level, including myself.
But football skills are not the primary goals of the program, and both have preached this throughout my own and others’ careers. Being a part of the Muskie football family prepares you for life, for both the successes and failures, and reveals your true character.
Coach Swing has been a mentor to me both on the field and off. I felt very confident in my post-secondary decisions, and a large part of that has to do with Muskie football and Coach Swing.
I feel I can speak for those I graduated with that Coach Swing was an instrumental figure in our high school careers and beyond. He treated me like family and helped me realize my potential.
I was disappointed to read about the situation regarding the resignation of Coach Swing and the nature of the circumstances regarding the situation. Disappointed not only because it led to his resignation, but because the future of the program in regards to coaching could end up becoming unstable.
Muskie coaches are not paid, they dedicate a major portion of their life to something they love, and they are human and make mistakes.
I would hope they have support of administrators through their successes as well as their mistakes. If not, it will make it very difficult for others to consider devoting their time to Muskie programs.
I would like to thank both Coach Swing and Coach Allan for their contribution and devotion to the Muskie football family, and wish them luck in whatever the future holds for them.
It’s difficult to imagine Muskie football without them.
Andrew George
Editor’s note: Andrew George currently lives in Winnipeg to attend school.