David M. Bourgeault

Dear editor:
This letter is in response to last Wednesday’s editorial regarding new solutions to fund water and sewer projects in the Town of Fort Frances.
I assume that what was being suggested by the writer has, in fact, been discussed by council. Hopefully, it is not a fait accompli and that we taxpayers can have a say before this does become a “done deal” and we are left scratching our heads wondering what happened.
In the editorial, the writer is suggesting we get on with only charging the residents on a project street for the actual sewer and water works that would need to be done.
The analogy used was that when a roof required a repair on one’s house, you went ahead and fixed it, so, therefore, if a sewer or water line needed replacement or repair in front of that residence, only the residents where the work was being done would have to pay.
This is absolutely ludicrous!
My roof repair has nothing to do with the water or sewer flowing in front of my house. These are there for the “common good” and benefit everyone in town, not just me and my neighbours.
This kind of approach to the problem will penalize residents of older sections of town that have not had sewer and water lines replaced while other areas, that have relatively new lines, will never have to pay.
There certainly does not appear to be any fairness in this idea.
How would residents on corner lots be dealt with if a project was to go on both east-west and north-south streets in the same year even though the property owner only gets his services on one of the streets?
If frontage payment was required, that owner could be paying twice.
Also, this approach would hurt owners of rental units situated in different parts of town.
The simplest solution, and easiest on most homeowners’ budgets, would be to have everyone in town paying a smaller portion of annual projects until we get caught up with all the old sewer and water line replacement/repair.
Many residents will argue that we already pay substantial amounts in taxes, user fees, and water/sewer amounts, and that it is high time council started getting its spending and reserves in order.
David M. Bourgeault
Fort Frances, Ont.