Ludicrous whining

Dear sir:
Now, let’s get this correct. The North Western Ontario Tourism Association (NWOTA) is in trouble because not enough tourists are coming to their camps. So to correct this problem, they want to make it easier for convicted drunk drivers to come to Canada.
And the editorial in last week’s Times also called for making the border crossing easier.
Are we so desperate for American tourist dollars that drunk drivers are the only way to help the industry? The whining by NWOTA about this issue is so ludicrous that I could not believe what I was reading.
Drunk driving is the leading cause of death and serious injury in motor vehicles. And those deaths include vast numbers of innocent young people killed before they reach their adult years.
A conviction that was many years ago does not take away from the fact of reckless endangerment of lives of innocent people, including children.
The United States is a huge country full of people with deep pockets. Drunk drivers surely are not the only group that can be targeted to help an ailing tourist industry.
I wonder if organizations like MADD or OSAID are actively looking for ways to make it easier for convicted drunk drivers to be tourists in our country?
Yours sincerely,
John Nelson
Fort Frances, Ont.