Let’s get prepared

To the editor:
After watching Hurricane Katrina for days, I have to wonder how we in Fort Frances will respond if we have problems here.
If the kraft mill, say, had a major leak or an explosion, and if a wind from the west was strong enough to force the evacuation of the hospital and Rainycrest, would we be capable?
We would need a great number of vehicles, plus some place to take these patients. As well, medical help and supplies would be needed to travel with them (immediately).
I remember the “Y2K” scare at New Year’s 2000. People were not ready if something happened then.
Maybe town council should think of this when they talk of budget.
The province and feds should be more interested in homeland security. Let’s start thinking of that hospital and seniors’ home with security in mind.
How much delay would there be? Let’s get prepared.
George Bartlett
Fort Frances, Ont.