Let’s be heard

Dear editor:
I am writing this to encourage as many people as possible to attend the meeting concerning the doctor shortage slated for tonight (Oct. 12) at 7 p.m. at the Memorial Sports Centre auditorium.
I have been told this medical conglomeration from down east wants to buy out the doctors and the clinic. But if they no longer have a share in the practice, what will keep our caring, very overworked doctors here?
Since we lost three doctors in this past six months, the doctors who remain are even more overworked than before.
I may be wrong, but I also heard this conglomeration wants the town to loan it a very large sum of money, at little or no interest, to buy the clinic.
We need to know the correct facts. As it is, we wait six-eight weeks to see our own doctors.
Please come out to this meeting and voice your concerns. Please do not let town council dictate what they feel is right—our citizens deserve the best, including a full complement of firefighters to effectively protect our town.
Listen to those firefighters who risk their lives to protect us.
When a large number of citizens showed up to the town meeting regarding the firefighters, we were not even allowed to speak. Let’s pray this does not happen tonight.
Very sincerely,
Cathie Sinninghe
Fort Frances, Ont.