Viv O’Donnell

Dear Mike:
I would like to comment regarding the recent presentation to town council regarding helping seniors with removing the snow ridge after the plow comes by their residence.
We are being encouraged by government to remain in our homes yet this problem is one which has not been addressed in Fort Frances.
A big thank you to Bud Danylchuk for taking the initiative to speak out. This has been talked about in seniors’ circles for year; at one time, some of us thought about sending a petition around and even named it “Follow the Plow.”
It’s not that we can’t do a bit of shovelling (although we probably shouldn’t). But when it comes to removing the ridge the snowplow leaves behind, closing our driveways and sidewalks off to traffic in and out, hacking out that ridge is near to impossible.
So, kudos to you, Bud. And to the town, please “Follow the Plow” soon after it clears the road.
Thank you,
Viv O’Donnell
Fort Frances, Ont.