Kudos to all

Diane Maxey

Dear editor:
Just when you think Fort Frances and surrounding area has reached its peak of excellence, along comes another performance to equal or top the previous one.
“True Up North Mamma Mia” filled the bill this past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The sold-out crowds were indicative of the excellence of the performers.
What a pleasure to see the mix of students and adults engaged in a splendid performance of such a well-known and popular production.
The musical talent was fabulous, to say nothing of the equally humorous acting. The casting of actors was perfect.
As an audience member, you could tell the total cast was having a great time. The whole evening certainly was a crowd-pleaser!
Thanks to everyone involved in putting on such a wonderful musical—production, choreography, sound, lighting, props, and cast.
Kudos to all! Once again, you have made the Rainy River District proud.
I look forward to your next venture. Please make it soon!
Diane Maxey
Fort Frances, Ont.