Keeping in shape

Dear editor:
I am writing to ask Mayor Dan O. and Fort Frances councillors to please intercede on behalf of the holders of handicapped vehicle licences to the skateboard park committee.
It is important that the handicapped have an opportunity to have at least one parking stall equipped with an ice-filled curb and gutter, as well as a barrier on the boulevard and sidewalk that resembles a snowbank in the proposed park.
It is important that the handicapped keep in shape during the seven months they don’t have to deal with the obstruction aforementioned.
Luckily, they have designated stalls in town that they can park at. However, once they get there, they can’t get out of the vehicle without taking a chance on falling, etc.
I don’t know how the merchants on Scott Street, churches, and businesses have put up with the problems their customers have. Maybe the town’s employees should take a few days’ lessons dealing with a walker- or wheelchair-handicapped passenger.
I guess we’ll just have to learn how to deal with it ourselves. The last machine operator I talked to said he would pass the concern on to the night shift.
In other words, I got the bird.
Disgruntled taxpayer
J. Steinke
Fort Frances, Ont.