Keep dogs restrained

Christine Eisenzopf

Dear editor,

I write this letter as a warning to my fellow residents and dog owners.
On Saturday evening I was walking my small dog, on a leash, on my street. We were suddenly attacked by a large brown Chow breed dog, running free. I myself was knocked down and my dog was viciously bit and shaken by this dog. It was clear this vicious dog intended to kill my small dog.
This unprovoked attack was witnessed by five young children. I was injured and my dog was severely hurt. Thanks to one of these children, the dog was driven off and a neighbour rushed my dog to the vet.
It is frightening to think what could have happened had this dog focussed his viciousness on either the children or myself.
The police have informed me that this is not the first incident with this particular dog. It is known by others to have roamed free many times. I am a dog lover and have owned many dogs, but they have NEVER been allowed to roam free, even when relieving themselves. On the rare times they have escaped my house, we have immediately searched until we found them.
Now, thanks to this irresponsible owner, my sweet dog is fighting for his life, five young children are severely traumatized, my family is heartbroken and I am afraid to walk in my neighbourhood.
To everyone who walks their dog, please be extra vigilant…this all happened in mere seconds.
To those owners who can’t be bothered to restrain their dogs, SHAME ON YOU!!!

Christine Eisenzopf