Joy of giving hope

Capt. Angel Sandoval-Silva

Dear friends,
With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season upon us, it is so easy to lose sight of some of the important anchors that give stability to our life.
Though this is not our intention, they simply get lost in the shuffle.
Such an anchor is the joy that comes from giving—from helping those who are less fortunate and for whom hope is just a word, not an experience of life.
I know you will not mind that I am writing to remind you that your gift is so very important to our current financial campaign. The need seems to be greater than ever yet the resources are not what I would like them to be.
Could I ask you to “dig through the pile” until you find the Salvation Army Christmas request? It only will take you a moment, but it will mean so much to those who look to us for help.
How wonderful it is that you are able to give an anchor of hope through the Salvation Army to Rainy River District.
I look forward to hearing from you. And may God bless you this Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.
A gift of any size will help: $75, $150, $225, $300, or whatever you are able to afford.
Committed to the Lord,
Capt. Angel Sandoval-Silva
Corps Officer, F.F. Ministries