Irksome issues

Dear editor:
I saw a couple of articles in the paper that irked me very much.
First, Paul Martin’s proposed ban on hand guns will make it very hard on trappers. They will now have to carry rifles—and get them full of snow and dirt.
Furthermore, the humane disposal of animals by hand guns sure beats killing by a club.
I carried a hand gun on my trapline for more than 60 years—the same gun carried by my father. Then they (the feds) wanted me to take a test to see if I was knowledgeable enough to carry it.
They have plenty of laws in place. It’s too bad judges do not impose them on criminals—only law-abiding people who have never committed a crime.
Secondly, the Ministry of Natural Resources says moose quotas were put on in the zones so that they could tell how many moose were harvested in these areas.
They haven’t a clue how many moose were killed in these areas (WMUs) as our native subsistence hunters kill moose the year round. It is a killing that is not monitored.
Charging huge fines cannot make up the moose deficit—only a complete closure of killing year-round can make the moose come back from the near depletion they are now in.
Yours truly,
Allan Kielczewski
Fort Frances, Ont.