Investigate further

Dear editor:
I attended last Wednesday’s meeting about the medical clinic. I was quite impressed by Mr. Punch’s evaluation of our situation here in Fort Frances.
He seemed to have all the answers at his finger tips, but he missed some of the problems. All we would have to do was to buy all the shares from the current group. We then would own the building and all equipment.
This is where I see the problems start. How much of the equipment is worth buying? I am not able to judge that aspect. Then there is the building—all of some 50 years old.
There is a story out to the effect that “a boat is just a hole in the water where you pour money.” There is only one hole in that case, but with a building that old, there are a great number of holes.
And there is a “what if” question. Where would the parking be if the province decided to sell the land on north side of the clinic building?
Mr. Punch said that funds we would need to raise for this purchase could be repaid by Year 15. We would be very lucky to not need twice as much money just to keep the building from falling down on our heads by the end of 15 years.
I feel we should walk away from that old building completely and erect a new one to current building codes. As far as equipment is concerned, have an knowledgeable person who evaluates equipment ascertain its true value.
I feel further investigation should be done before an expenditure of this magnitude is started.
A very concerned citizen,
Art Pattison
Fort Frances, Ont.