Intolerable language

Dear sir:
About two years ago, I wrote my first letter to the editor. I had just recently moved to Fort Frances from Rice Lake, Wis. I am a Canadian from Thunder Bay, Ont. and sometimes not very proud of it.
The reason I wrote the first letter was because I was very upset with the language, especially of the young people (under 35-40).
Well, two years later, I am writing another letter.
My job as preacher is bringing me back to Thunder Bay. I am 67 years old and I have lived in many different cities and towns. My wife and I have moved 17 times in 30 years, and I have never lived in such prosperous, beautiful, pleasant surroundings as I have in the last two years.
You have, I believe, something very special here in Fort Frances.
The reason for this letter is these beautiful surroundings are being marred by the terrible language spoken by very much of the young people.
Last Saturday, I went to a ball tournament in International Falls, just across the river. It was a very pleasant experience. No bad language on or off the field. It was not tolerated!
I believe we owe it to our young people to clean up this mess. Zero tolerance is the only thing that will work.
The elected officials of this town must address this problem, or it will do much damage to your image among your many visitors each year.
Thank you,
Frank Desbiens
Fort Frances, Ont.