Ken Boshcoff

Dear editor:
On my most recent regular visit to the district, I was again impressed and inspired by the sense of community that continues to thrive in Fort Frances and area.
This time it was at the Fort Frances Lakers’ game, where the spirit of building a community-owned team was everywhere. There were people of all ages volunteering with a high degree of passion.
That the hockey product is entertaining cannot be in doubt as shown by the success of the fundraising so far. It is a task no one really likes to do, so our role as supporters and fans is to make their job easier by coming to the plate and chipping in to ensure completion of the total goal!
When you see how many people believe in their town, that they would care enough to just keep pitching in, is very motivating in itself. Their mission is to build another strong part of the community in sports participation.
It confirms that communities who have people who give of themselves will continue to thrive. In essence that is the true definition of a caring community.
The professionalism of the coaching staff, the contagious enthusiasm of the crowd, and the energy of the team make for super spectating!
I enjoy my times in the district, and watching hockey is just another great thing we have going for us here in Northwestern Ontario.
Respectfully submitted,
Ken Boshcoff