Inconsiderate dolts

Irene Gerula

Dear editor:
Hunting season finally is over and I read (and hear) there are a lot of people who feel the same way I do.
Imagine seven whole weeks of hunting and not even one week of open season on hunters who prowl around in the fields with a light at night, drive up and down the road past your house up to and sometimes including 10 and 12 times a day, and drive around shining the fields by your house between sunset and sunrise, etc.
We have had them shoot not far from the house at night. Watch them shoot right from their truck before legal time in the morning. Try to chase deer in a different direction to get them to where we wouldn’t see them get shot.
Yell and howl at the edge of the bushes to get them to someone on post at 6 a.m. Use “No hunting” and “Private property” signs to kneel by to get a good shot off. Drive in our driveway in the front of the house—three sheets to the wind, jump out, and start yelling.
I know the law and I can drive 35 feet onto anyone’s property, and the rest was all the swear words accumulated over the years, so who knows what he was trying to say?
I could go on all day but I don’t have enough ink to write all the stupid, idiotic things some of them do and say.
The cutest one, however, was, “My wife would kill me if I shot a deer on our own place.”
There is one thing, though. Our side of the road is definitely all posted while the other side of the road has field and railroad tracks, highway, some residences.
Therefore, if you’re driving between a portion of Morrison Road and Dilke Road on the highway east of Pinewood during hunting season next year, be very careful as one of these hunters “knows the laws” and he does have permission to hunt here on that side of the road.
To the hunters who were considerate (and there are lots of them), many thanks. Your consideration was very much appreciated.
In closing, maybe sometime we will not be the only ones with seven long weeks of hunting, compared to two in some provinces. If there is supposedly so many deer around, there must be some god-awful poor shots if we have to hunt the full time.
Wouldn’t four weeks here be enough?
Oh, by the way. That eight-point buck everyone so desperately wanted was shot by a hunter, who only hunted for a few days and one mile over.
Irene Gerula
Pinewood, Ont.