Incivility trumping ideas

Dear sir:
As a former Fort Frances resident, I am shocked and disgusted. The current mayoral election seems to have brought the standard of level-headed conversation among many Fort Frances people down ten fold.
For the past week or so, the Letters to the Editor regarding the aforementioned subject have been nothing but personal attacks and name-callings.
While I understand that everyone wants to have their say, I feel the need for civility is far greater.
While reading through comments posted on the Fort Frances Times’ website, I noticed a number of comments that not only were rude, but downright disgraceful.
In this day and age of technology, we all need to take a deep breath and reflect before commenting, posting, and sending e-mails. I’m certain then the quality of discourse will improve.
In response to the anonymous commentator whom posed the question: Is John E. even old enough to vote? I offer up this: Yes, I am old enough to vote, however, I am no longer a resident of the district and so I cannot.
I’m saddened, however, that said person “called me out” because I chose to follow local politics.
In closing, I would like to respectfully wish both Mr. Onichuk and Mr. Avis luck in the upcoming election.
Best regards,
John Edgar
Toronto, Ont.
(Attending school)