Dear sir:
The Emo Lions Club recently held its annual walk-a-thon, and club members were disturbed by the negative, inaccurate reporting of the event in last week’s Times.
The correspondent stated, “Unfortunately, this year’s walk-a-thon was not a profitable venture because not as many people participated.” We wonder where he got his information?
In fact, this year’s walk-a-thon was a great success. Almost $3,100 in pledges was raised to support the Lions Club, and many other district groups and organizations. This total surpassed the amount raised in each of the last two walk-a-thons.
The Emo Lions Club thanks all those who participated in the walk-a-thon, and wishes to assure everyone that it was, indeed, a “profitable venture” despite the opinion of your correspondent.
Wayne Barron
Emo Lions Club