In response to Mr. Elliott

Dear editor:

Last week there was a letter insulting the intelligence and defaming the character of those in our community brave enough to protest the cruel and inhumane punishment our government is inflicting on its population. The names called were “foolish,” mean-spirited,” and “uninformed.” Shall we see if they are warranted?

To begin with, the charge of being “uninformed.” All those present took the risk of being possibly fined and also reproached for having the NERVE to disagree in public (!) with the infallible and benevolent powers that be. The author also made grandiose claims of the virus being a “vicious, indiscriminate killer” whose defeat can be accomplished only by indefinite house arrest and mass vaccination. Did he – as a columnist – even bother to look up the real-world statistics to back those claims? In actuality, many qualified, reputable experts around the world disagree very strongly with the present measures. Many medical practitioners (as opposed to politicians with an MD) are against the suppression of information and withholding of effective treatments; such are grounds for malpractice or criminal negligence. Many have signed the Great Barrington Declaration stating this. Some have taken to social media to educate the public, only to find their accounts flagged or deleted, even when containing 100% medically correct health advice. “Misinformation” in this pandemic has no concern for factual accuracy, only alignment with official narratives.

“The Charter requires governments to have a pressing reason for violating our fundamental freedoms to move, travel, assemble, associate and worship. The governments’ own data and statistics make it clear that COVID does not justify the ongoing and continuing violation of Charter rights and freedoms by our federal and provincial governments,” concludes lawyer and Justice Centre president John Carpay. The CDC quietly admitted last year that only 6 per cent of COVID deaths were directly due to the virus; 94 per cent also had comorbidities complicated by COVID, or another cause entirely but a positive test at the hospital. Statistics Canada’s March 10 report echoes that “The direct impacts of COVID-19 cannot fully account for the excess deaths observed in Canada in 2020, particularly in the fall.” There have also been several studies regarding the use of masks to prevent viral transmission in recent years; all unanimously conclude the ineffectiveness of this practice.  Something does not magically acquire the ability to perform beyond its designed capabilities simply because a government official told us to use it for that purpose anyway.

Next, the accusation of being “mean-spirited,” “unwilling to make a small sacrifice of their convenience…” Firstly, why assume “community spread” must be the fault of a small protest when no cases are traced to it? Wouldn’t it be from the essential shopping, where everyone goes? Secondly, the median survival rate from COVID-19 is 99.77%. And everyone’s risk is not the same. Focus protection on the most vulnerable and let the rest decide for themselves. Life will never be zero risk and it is futile to attempt. Minimize your risk as much as possible and have a purpose for staying alive!

Thirdly, this is not about convenience. This is about children losing critical social and immunological development with lifelong ramifications. It’s about youth committing suicide because they see no hope, no opportunity, no future. This is about families losing livelihoods, savings, homes and marriages, increasing substance abuse, domestic violence, destroying the fabric of stable society. It’s about urgent medical treatments for a vast array of other conditions cancelled as nonessential because COVID is the only item on the agenda, condemning thousands to unnecessary death or disability.  It’s about people with breathing difficulties or anxiety/panic attacks shunned by healthy storekeepers demanding they wear a mask despite their legal medical exemption or get out …at the same time we’re claiming to “remove the stigma.”  Mandated discrimination against those with disabilities?  A year ago that was denounced as barbaric.  Now it’s lauded as compassionate.  All these suffering people are arrogantly dismissed as selfish for wanting to live like humans instead of caged animals by those who have already lived a normal life and aren’t concerned that others won’t so long as it reinforces their illusion of safety. The new compassion bears a disturbing resemblance to the old narcissism.  Perhaps it is not we who are trivializing the virus, but you who are sensationalizing it.

The “science” so championed in press conferences is based on flawed computer models and political agendas.  Such an attitude is beyond unscientific, it’s downright anti-scientific. Why do the rules contradict everything necessary for health? And why defend them so aggressively? Almost like mass Stockholm syndrome….

As for your parting shot, “You can’t fix stupid!”….no, apparently you can’t. I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

Sherri King