In response

Editor’s note: Given the nature of Mr. Laverdure’s letter, it was held one week to give Safeway an opportunity to respond in the same issue.
I am pleased to report that Safeway is contracting the services of many Ontario, and specifically Fort Frances, companies throughout our $5-million expansion.
Our general contractor was selected based on their experience and price. They now have the responsibility of selecting qualified sub-trades who are both skillful and affordable.
In situations where local operators have had the experience necessary, and were reasonably close in price, the general contractor has selected these local operators. Already the services of Northwestern Ontario demolition, electrical, overhead door, and wood tress companies have been employed.
I am confident that you share my enthusiasm for this expansion and the additional services it will offer. On behalf of Safeway and our unionized staff, we look forward to a strong future as an employer in this community.
John Graham
Canada Safeway Ltd.