Important lesson

Dear editor:
I have been in Winnipeg since May taking treatments for cancer and in that time, I have had quite a lot of time to look around. One of the things I saw got me to thinking. It was the Louis Riel Museum.
Louis Riel was more advanced in self-government than our original people are today. The point here is a government inside of a government never works. It never has in the world over.
A nation can only be achieved if all people are united under one government.
Louis Riel tried two governments and the Canadian people sent their armies to Manitoba, seized the Métis lands, killed his people, and hung poor Louis.
Let this be a lesson to our native people—be very careful in trying to form a self-government as the Canadian taxpayers may send their armies again to stamp out a smaller government.
This would be a sad affair as some of our leading citizens are native peoples of whom I have the greatest respect for. I hope some kind of agreement can be reached between the federal government and our native people.
I agree with our natives. The Indian Act should never have been written and the sooner we can all unite under one government the better—same laws and rules for everyone.
Reserves and the Indian Act should never have been as they only belittle our native people and does not give them the chance to assimilate into our society.
Yours truly,
Allan Kielczewski