Identification crisis

Dear sir:
My best wishes and goodwill for the renewed arena.
But who changes names in mid-stream? Unless it’s a business venture or a marriage–and sometimes not even then. So why strip the signature from our Memorial Arena?
It’s our heritage from the past, it’s part of a legacy we can’t ignore. I can’t see any rhyme nor reason for doing such an unthinkable thing. And the reason we didn’t hear an outcry from the public was because we were too stunned and shocked.
The arena initially was constructed in memory of comrades in arms who served in battle to bring peace and freedom to our land. But I guess someone forgot.
For more than 50 years, this monument stood the test of time. Except for makeovers and repairs along the way, it served its purpose well.
I do believe “Ice for Kids” is a splendid name. After all, it’s a hockey game they play. But what about off-season when the ice goes out? What about the bare floors indoors? What kind of sports will score then?
To designate certain play areas, all you would need to say is East Side and West Side, or Sheet #1 and Sheet #2, or Rink #1 and Rink #2. But, of course, if you need to get dramatic about it, that can create a problem.
Leave it to the kids. They’re flexible, and they could just surprise you. But please, leave the endorsement of Memorial Arena alone. Don’t take it away from us.
In the meantime, keep smiling in the new millennium. I know the children will.
Yours sincerely,
Martha Allan
Editor’s note: It should be pointed out the name “Memorial” was left in the overall name of the complex (“Memorial Sports Centre”).