Ice belongs to the kids

Dear editor:
In response to the actions by “Ice for Kids” to back out of canteen
operation at the new arena, I must say power to them.
After following with interest the fundraising campaign for the new arena for years, and knowing the devotion given to it by Dave Egan and his group, I find it disgusting that council would choose to slap that group and the people they serve in the face and honour just one team–the 1952 Canadians–that have brought glory to Fort Frances.
Hockey in Fort Frances is about kids and it always has been. Those ’52
Canadians were a product of the local minor hockey system like members of many outstanding teams since and their achievements, while glorious, don’t deserve to be recognized at the expense of other outstanding squads that have given Fort Frances so much to be proud about over the years.
Given that it was Barney Maher who first organized the Muskies, perhaps he would deserve to have his name on that arena as much as the Canadians considering the long legacy he has left with the continued success of the high school program.
But Barney and the Muskies could not have succeeded without the kids and, for that matter, the coaches such as Dave Egan who have devoted their personal lives to hockey in Fort Frances.
Both council and the Times, in its editorial of Nov. 24, are off base on this issue. The ice truly belongs to the kids and should be recognized as
Dave Egan, if you read this, you have my support, bud. You deserve
council’s as well!
Al Beeber
Lethbridge, Alta.