How technology is shaping our lives

Addison Brown

I have never known a life without technology. Growing up we had tv and as I got older, tablets and smartphones. It’s crazy, in the past 13 years, how advanced and fast the world is changing around us. Sometimes I wish I was born in a generation with no technology or even less technology. I mean, don’t get me wrong, indoor plumbing and electricity are a bit of a bonus, but….

Maybe at a time when at a restaurant you would sit and enjoy the company of your friends and family. Now you are lucky to get through a meal without most people looking at their phone till their food comes and then showing those with you a funny clip you saw or so on and so on. It seems we have lots of social media and no social interactment. I think it is getting worse and worse. Especially with social media. You can wish your friend a happy birthday over a text or a post, without taking the time to really know how their day was. If we are more connected than ever before why do so many feel unconnected? Sure it’s great to order your groceries, have them delivered to your door, then pay your bills, watch your favourite show and have your smart speaker set to what time you need to get up in the morning, but at what cost?. You ordered it through your phone and called it a day. Is it making us lazier and sadly, I feel, less intelligent. It seems the smarter our phones are, the dumber we get. The Irony is as I write this my computer is editing it as I type. It is not lost on me. I know that my generation can look things up on any number of platforms if we don’t know how to do something, but the scary thing is
what will we do if we ever lose that safety net? Who will we turn to? I guess in closing my opinion is , slow down, unplug , take time, listen to the older generations. Life is too fast already, and you only get so much time.