Honouring our Veterans

Dear editor,

This is my third letter about the change of Colonization Road. I guess I am one of the six who did not want it changed.

But if it has to be changed, then why not honour our Veterans.

“Veteran Drive.”

This is a list of the Veterans who lived on this street – a three block area: Ken Hains; Jim McLeod; Jack Hunter; Harley Jury; Jack Kott; Bertha Kott; Chalres Hall; Ann Hall; Erel Hatch; Nick Mutz; Frank Gadd; Dick Deval; Danny Crowe; Olive Orwick.

There were more than these I am sure, but these I know personally.

Raymond Louis Caulson lived on this street but farther up. Bud McMahon lived on Daniel Ave but still in the three blocks.

So why not honour our Veterans.

Elizabeth Batuik

P.S. I think these names were also Veterans: Wickstrom, Richards, LaRoche and McNabb.