Honesty, integrity?

Dear editor:
I find it interesting that Roy Avis talks about fiscal responsibility and accountability when he was chair of the Administration and Finance committee when the town experienced its worst years financially, and decided there was no need for an ethics policy for council or mayor expenditures.
That he talks about our roads and accountability when he sat on his hands for eight years as a member of the Public Works committee.
That he talks about honesty and integrity, yet in his pamphlet he talks about owning a “local small” business (Daimler-Chrysler Canada a small business? I always thought they were a multi-national business, but okay) having worked his way up through the company. But fails to mention it was owned by his father and handed down to Roy.
And that he fails to declare a conflict when voting on matters relating to Abitibi, being a large customer of his (though Todd Hamilton can be blamed of the same).
That he talks about leadership when he’s had eight years to show us he was a leader, but failed to do so. In the last year alone, I don’t think I’ve seen Roy Avis at Northern Ontario Municipal Association meetings, Rainy River Municipal Association meetings, or community events like the snowshoe race with our sister city, International Falls, or the “Meet Me at the Border” event put on by our two communities and the Canadian consulate, acting like a leader and representing himself and the town.
He never intended to go to the debate to face the public, which, in part because he wouldn’t attend, was cancelled.
But now that he’s running for mayor, of course, he cares about things like roads and finances, and showing up to events like the chili cook-off (the only event I’ve ever seen him at).
Maybe if he doesn’t have the wherewithal to make running for mayor a priority, and is always going to be busy somewhere else for Chrysler Canada, he doesn’t have the ability to be where he needs to be for the office of mayor.
John Leschinski
Fort Frances, Ont.