Homework not done

Dear editor:
Allan Kielczewski seems to be on a “Letter to the Editor” writing campaign (“Missed Point,” April 13, 2005, “My Thoughts,” May 18, 2005, and “Point Missed,” June 1, 2005), yet his letters clearly show he doesn’t do his own homework.
You see, if he had done his homework, he would know that the only First Nation that would be fishing on the Rainy River is Rainy River First Nations, and they have had a self-imposed moratorium on commercial fishing for many years now.
He also would know that Rainy River First Nations purchases frozen commercial fish for their annual fish fry—much like all the restaurants that offer fish on their menus.
Mr. Kielczewski would also, I’m sure, have been very interested to find out that the Rainy River Watershed Program (a department of Rainy River First Nations) operates many programs throughout the district that have improved—and are continuing to improve—the water quality and fish habitats of not only the Rainy River, but its tributaries, as well.
Perhaps Mr. Kielczewski just didn’t know who to call. If that is the case, he can reach me at 482-2479 ext. 222. I would be more than happy to put some of his anxieties to rest.
Kiley Hanson
Assistant co-ordinator
Rainy River
Watershed Program