Hold off on library

Dear sir:
Hold off on the building permit for the new proposed library.
An article in the Chronicle-Journal, dated May 23, by Tobi Cohen of The Canadian Press, talks about Ontario needs schooling on education. This could be a chance to make use of an enormous potential as a community asset.
The article stated that Ontario should look to Saskatchewan’s School Plus program or Quebec’s Community Learning Centres initiative, which have successfully integrated programs like community computer labs and public libraries, among other things, into schools.
According to the report, Manitoba also provides funding for schools that “act as a hub for a broad range of services, supports, and opportunities that strengthen and support schools, families, and communities.”
This would be a good time to see how these other communities deal with school children and the public using libraries during school hours. We don’t need to invent something new—just acquire what these other places are doing.
Ontario Education minister Kathleen Wynne welcomes the idea of integrating community services into schools and claims it’s already happening.
Ms. Wynne states, “When a school is consolidated, or when there’s a school closure, or when there’s a new school being built, we need to make sure we’re looking at the whole community.”
Has the library board contacted the education minister, or any other government agencies, for additional funding for a multi-use facility?
I think the Rainy River District School Board is on the right track and much praise should go to them for the hard work they have done so far. It is reassuring to know there are people who want to save money by combining two ventures into one.
If this community library were included in the construction of the new Robert Moore School, I am sure other towns and cities would be inquiring how Fort Frances became one of the few communities in Ontario to accomplish this.
This building would be something everyone in Rainy River District would be extremely proud of.
Randy Wilde
Bears Pass, Ont.