Historic opportunity

Dear sir:
Re: The international bridge between Fort Frances, Ont. and International Falls, Mn.
It is very disappointing that the federal Liberal government is not prepared to act on the purchase of this bridge in a timely manner. The ministers of transport and industry say they want to “slow down the process of the sale of the bridge” and set up a “committee” to study the issue.
Why won’t they take immediate action?
We have an historic opportunity here. It has been an ongoing public wish since it was opened in 1912 for this bridge to be in public hands.
The most recent public initiative was in 2001, when a “committee” comprised of residents and politicians from both sides of the border felt a publicly-owned bridge “would immensely benefit the economies of both Fort Frances and International Falls, and encourage more joint projects between the U.S. and Canada.”
In almost a century, this is the first time the people of Canada can truly control this border crossing and our destiny. We have a willing seller . . . why isn’t the Government of Canada a willing buyer?
This bridge is the economic lifeline to this region. If the federal Liberals truly wish to support small communities in their efforts to create sustainable economies, create jobs, and keep young people here, purchasing this bridge will be a giant step in that direction.
The time to act is now!
Or perhaps the Liberal government would rather wait another 93 years to “formulate plans” before improving lives of families in the northwest.
John Rafferty
Fort Frances, Ont.
Editor’s note: John Rafferty will be the NDP candidate for Thunder Bay-Rainy River in the next federal election.