Highly offended

Dear Mr. Editor:
As a candidate in this municipal election, I was extremely disappointed in the cancellation of the all-candidates’ night to be held last Wednesday (Oct. 25).
I wanted to place my views before the citizens of Fort Frances and offer them an opportunity to ask questions of us that were important to them in this election.
I do not want to challenge the stupidity behind the reasons certain candidates elected to boycott this meeting, but want to make it clear to everyone that the trades and labour group in Fort Frances carries the traditions and aspirations of the working men and women of this community and district, and has done so for the last 80 years..
It was these traditions that led to the organization of the labour council, which was chartered around 1942.
I am highly-offended, as a former union leader, that Coun. Wiedenhoeft would make such comments. I believe he owes everyone in labour a huge apology for his comments and the fact he was instrumental in cancelling this meeting.
I will attend any public meeting. I will answer any and all of your questions. I’ll be there for you.
I promise accountability, honesty, and transparency while working with those elected to make this community all it can be for everyone.
Yours truly,
Nick Wihnan
Council candidate