Helping hands

Dear Mike:
I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the efforts and contributions of a number of local people who contributed to the success of the Sunset Country Regional Science Fair held April 9 at the Fort Frances High School.
The fair was attended by more than 100 students representing communities from all across our region. And as a result of this event, four young people from Northwestern Ontario will be participating in the nationals in Vancouver in May.
I would like to thank the two dozen professionals who gave up their Saturday to act as judges. Your knowledge and experience provided a positive learning experience for all the participants.
To the 12 high school students who acted as support staff and security, thanks for helping the fair run smoothly.
To the custodial staff of Fort High and the staff of the high school cafeteria, thanks for the great job of setting up, supplying the lunches, and handling the special requests of students, parents, chaperones, and judges.
I also would like to thank Ann Caradice for help with the computer lab.
Special thanks also go to all our corporate sponsors for underwiting the cost of hosting the Science Fair. I also would like to thank Teryl McFarland for all her help in organizing materials and providing support for the committee.
The members of the committee have done a great job of putting on this event, and I would like to end by thanking Don McBride, Brendan Hyatt, Kathy Pruys, and Walter Rogoza for their commitment to providing this opportunity for the young scientists of this region.
This opportunity to demonstrate excellence in student achievement would not have been possible without you.
I remain yours in education,
Mr. B. W. Love,