Help sought

Dear sir:
I would like to use your help in solving a small mystery which has cropped up because of the following circumstances.
Some time ago, the late Carl Schubring and I were picking up some Knights Templar regalia from the home of the late Ray Holmes. Among the items was a Knights sword.
When I tried to remove the sword and scabbard from its leather carrying case, it seemed to be jammed in. When we finally got the obstruction out, it turned out to be a Royal Military College swagger stick.
I contacted RMC and discovered, by the serial number carved in the stick, that it had belonged to Perley Holmes, not Ray Holmes.
I showed it to the ex-chief of the defence staff, Ramsey Withers (an RMC graduate), at our regimental reunion last June in Kingston. He was quite interested and, after taking the stick to RMC, discovered that Perley had graduated in 1929.
The stick now resides in the RMC museum and the curator would like some information about Perley Holmes, especially if he commanded the Forestry Corps in Scotland and the continent in World War II.
I have asked around Fort Frances about Perley and have not received much information. Any information about his wartime service, and also his civilian career both before and after WW II, would be much appreciated by the RMC museum.
I can be contacted at P.O. Box 449, Emo, Ont., P0W1E0.
Gordon Woollard