Help our songbirds thrive and survive!

Dear editor,

We can not continue to build bridges, construct buildings, cut our forests and pollute our environment including light and noise pollution without first becoming aware of the environmental impact of the area we are destroying along the way.

Alarmingly it has been reported that we have 3 billion fewer birds than in 1970. I believe the main reasons for this decline is lack of habitat, construction of new housing and highways and industries creating environmental pollution, noise pollution and light pollution have contributed greatly to this decline. We also have done very little to protect their habitat from being destroyed and or unsafe due to toxins and all types of pollution.

Many Migrating birds omit faint subtle high frequency signals as a form of communication which is conveying information, choosing a mate, or warning others of a potential danger. So if noise pollution reduces the ability to communicate, this critical information it will have an impact on their survival.

Understanding the effects of human induced environmental changes such as the noise pollution which the proposed Cryptocurrency Mining Facility will create 24/7 is extremely harmful to all species, including us.

We need to become educated and educate others on the importance of preserving what is left of our wildlife bird population not only because the birds play an integrated role in the food chain but because we can make a difference now before it’s too late. There are already 50 Species of birds in Canada on the verge of extinction. What can you do to help? Stop the proposed Cryptocurrency Mining Facility from building this very noisy industry in our town, set up a birdfeeder, sunflower seeds are their #1 treat and you can enjoy these beauties for free! Keep a journal of birds you see, as most data comes from common bird watchers today.

Raina Johnson-Luoma