Help me understand

Eric H. Rude

To the editor:
Help me understand what has changed. Why do we visit past issues to redo them all the time, and waste people’s time and taxpayers’ dollars?
Why are we visiting the issue to re-zone the “Nelson Street Park” again for four or five lots, then move the open space to the end of Minnie Avenue so the children can play next to the wood yard/truck route?
Every time this happens, town council gets overwhelming support from the community to not do it. What is different this time?
Is it because the town’s population is decreasing? We need the money? We don’t have property for sale?
•1990—park/open space confirmed.
•2004—park/open space confirmed (petition collected 105 signatures).
•2008—park/open space confirmed (petition collected 760 signatures).
•2011—park/open space in limbo (number of signatures pending).
Is my vision cloudy? I don’t think so, but why does the town council keep looking at our parks. Yes, I know it is in my back yard but it is yours, too!
Salamanders grow tails back, but I have never seen a community grow a park back!
Why did the town buy Erin Crescent? Why did it buy the Huffman School property? Let us get these investments working! Stop tying up our capital!
The demand for property is high–wow, let’s check with the realtors.
Yes, there are new in-filling regulations and recommendations for the communities of Ontario to encourage in-filling, but is that not for old homes in disrepair or obsolete? I don’t think the purpose is to take away green spaces and safe areas to play.
Safe communities? Yes, there policies to promote safe communities to help keep our citizens safe. Then why should we move a perfectly good open space where children play to an area beside the truck route and wood yard?
Not all areas need equipment-specific activities or ice surfaces, but open space encourages all activities.
There is no question the property in question has been designated as, and is used as, a park. Its status has been officially confirmed three times–in 1990, in 2004, and in 2008. It has appeared as a park on maps of the town and it is commonly referred to as such.
Most property owners in the area bought or built houses with a clear and reasonable expectation, based on official designations, that they were buying property adjacent to open space–a park.
Help me understand. Sign the petition if you are in agreement.
Thanks for letting me express these thoughts. Hope to see you at the Civic Centre on Dec. 12.
Eric H. Rude
Fort Frances, Ont.