Held hostage

Dear sir:
The Government of Canada says it needs a new Customs facility at Fort Frances, at an estimated cost of $3-4 million. The owners of the bridge are required–or being asked by the Government of Canada–to pay for the cost of the new facility.
I had a meeting with local MPP Howard Hampton on Friday, May 19. Mr. Hampton informed me that because Abitibi-Consolidated is being burdened with the cost of paying for the new Customs facility, the proposed increase in bridge toll is necessary to recoup its cost of the facility.
While other municipalities along the Minnesota-Ontario border, and probably along the rest of the border, are getting their Customs facilities free of charge, we in this area will have to pay for ours through a proposed increase in bridge toll.
The citizens of this area, on both sides of the border, are not only being held hostage and exploited by a company bridge, they also are being held hostage and exploited by the Government of Canada.
This whole situation is absolutely disgusting. While corporation and government play their money games, the little guy once again is left holding the bag.
Oh yes, one more thing. If the company ever does paint the bridge, might I suggest the colour gold. After all, it would sort of represent what the bridge is–a gold mine.
Thank you for the space.
Ron MacGregor
Fort Frances, Ont.