Heartless action

Dear editor:
I am asking parents of Fort Frances to read this letter to your children—not just the ones who can’t read, but to all of them, teens and pre-teens in particular.
The holiday season is starting. Do you remember what it was like to be younger and be so excited about this time of year?
Please, please quit ruining it for the youngsters of today.
Two of my grandchildren, aged five and six, worked very hard this week (with the help of their dad, aunt, and two cousins) to design, clean out, and carve their jack-o-lanterns. But the first night they were out on the front steps, someone came along and smashed them to smithereens.
Believe me, their little hearts were smashed with them.
Why are you so mean? People in town who take the time and bother (not to mention expense) to decorate for a holiday are doing it for all of us to enjoy.
Parents—where are you? If you spent time with your children, of all ages, you would know what they are doing. Believe me, in a conversation with a group of youngsters (yes, even teens) nothing is secret.
I raised three children in this town and had they done something like this, they would have had their butts “smashed” and would have thought twice the next time.
With respect to all,
Loretta McCormack
Fort Frances, Ont.