Heart-filled thanks

Dear editor:
I am writing to you as a way of thanking the people of Fort Frances for their overwhelming kindness, and to update them on the progress my son, William Moody Jr., is making.
William was born Nov. 29, 1993 with spina-bifida. To date, he has had 32 surgeries, among them the placement of a shunt in his head.
William is in a wheelchair (which he calls his motorcycle) and he is proud to have a Harley Davidson emblem sewn on the back. In fact, he tells everyone that he’s a cool dude!
William is also the happiest child I have ever met . . . if you were to ever see William cry, it would be because of a medical problem. To meet William, you would think that he could run, walk, and skip just like any other child, and the truth of the matter is that William tries very hard to do just that.
Everyone at the Fort Frances, Winnipeg, and Toronto Sick Children’s hospitals have fallen in love with William. I guess it’s a sad fact that the doctors and nurses all know William by his first name. William also has been recognized as the Easter Seal child in Fort Frances on two occasions.
William’s 17-year-old sister, Ashley, loves him dearly, and I am so very proud of both William and Ashley, and can’t thank my family, the people of Fort Frances and area, and his teachers enough for helping William get to where he is—a happy grade two student at Robert Moore School.
Our schedule will be busy in the next few months as William’s surgeries continue. He will have his next surgery in Montreal during March, and we already have travelled there on a number of occasions to plan for this operation.
As William and I get ready for our next trip to Montreal in January, we know we will be going with many prayers and lots of love.
There are so many people who have helped us. Our ministers, Rev. Garth and Diane Clifford, who are two of the most wonderful people in the world. They have shown me the true meaning of hope, and to always remember that we are never alone.
To all at the “Church of The Holy Spiritm,” where William and I get so many prayers, love, and feel the uplifting effects of being one big family . . . your special hugs help to take away the hurt and worry.
To my family, what can I say. You’re always there for William, Ashley, and me. You make us laugh when we’re down, help us to find strength when we think we have none left, wipe away the tears, and travel so many miles to be at our sides for comfort.
You always remind us that there is light at the end of every tunnel, and open your hearts to share in our troubles, and heartaches, all with unwavering love and support.
Thank you ever so much for being our family.
To all of the Shriners, who have been an incredible help, particularly Bruce Holmlund here in Fort Frances and Craig Houston in Winnipeg. To the Fort Frances Kiwanis Club, the Métis Nation of Ontario organization here in Fort Frances, the Easter Seals Society in Thunder Bay, and the entire community of Fort Frances and surrounding area, we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Last but by no means least, a giant mother’s hug to daughter, Ashley, who has to be without Mom so often as I travel away with William. Words cannot properly express the love and admiration I have for you.
You are a great big sister, who loves William with all of your heart. Ashley, you will always be my guardian angel.
Kelly Rae Calder