Hats off!

Dear sir:
I had the privilege, as part of the delegation from Perth, Ont., to attend the 11th International and 5th National Conference on Safe Communities. What a privilege this was for me!
The organizers under the leadership of Doug Anderson put together an event that was top-notch and would not have to take a back seat to any other conference.
What struck me most was the enthusiasm of the army of volunteers who worked relentlessly to make this conference such a success.
The decorating committee, the organizer of the refreshment breaks, the cadre of courtesy car drivers, the bus drivers, and those manning the desks in the reception area (just to name a few) were so eager to help and went out of their way to make the delegates feel so welcome in your area.
Even citizens I met in the local stores and restaurants were so proud that Fort Frances could host this conference.
The Rainy River Valley Safety Coalition and citizens of your area proved that size doesn’t matter—but team spirit and co-operation make all things possible.
Thanks to everyone involved for a wonderful, rewarding time, and congratulations on your international designation as a “Safe Community.”
Brian D. Woods
Safe Communities
Partnership of
Perth and District