Hats off

Dear editor:
In response to the recent “landslide” election in Fort Frances, I would like to commend Mr. Onichuk on his three years as mayor. I believe he gave it his all, not only of himself, but all the time spent away from his own life, his family, and the like.
Undoubtedly, the job of mayor would be extremely tremendous, trying to resolve so many different situations in such a small amount of time. It certainly is a job not many individuals would be willing to take on.
Perhaps we should remember the obvious. Mr. Onichuk has a large family. His children are some of the nicest children that there are to meet. They are considerate, compassionate, caring individuals.
If children are a reflection of their parents, as they say, then Mr. and Mrs. Onichuk have to be some pretty special parents.
I say “hats off” to you, Mr. Onichuk, because if anyone had Fort Frances’ best interest at heart, it would have to be you as it is clear you only want the best future possible for those five wonderful children you are raising.
Best of luck to you and your family.
Karyn Haney-Slusarchuk