Hating the north?

To the editor:
I came to this district in 1948. I had a job with my brother at Nestor Falls, where he had a tourist business. He got his meat from a store in Barwick, both to sell and eat.
I was surprised that the tourists liked the meat a lot. In fact, many would take their locally grown and processed meat home with them when they left.
Later I decided that I would not be a good tourist person and left (Iowa farmers were great, but I did not get on with Chicago people). I settled in the Fort Frances area and still live here.
I became the mechanic with the Department of Highways—a job which took me over all parts of Rainy River District.
I soon found how lucky I was as the residents proved to be amongst the best of the world. I also found that the store in Devlin also took in locally grown meat and processed it and sold it.
I used this store on several occasions with success. Local farmers can grow their meat and have it processed for themselves, or sold. There could be other stores also doing this.
It helps the store, the farmers who raised the animal, and the people who buy the meat. I have never heard any complaints.
I don’t know the person who gave the order to shut down the Barwick store. I at once thought it must be a Toronto b. that was always causing trouble.
This happened so often that we believed the Toronto school board had a “hate the north” class. Now I think the department heads must insist on it.
Ron Helliar
Fort Frances, Ont.