Hall of famer

Dear editor,
As a former neighbour and schoolmate, and as a friend, I am extremely
pleased to announce the successful nomination of Art Berglund to the
Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame in the builder category for his
many years of service to the development and promotion of hockey in the United States and around the world.
Art’s role has been that of a director, executive, and team manager over 25 years for USA Hockey based in Colorado Springs, CO.
My deepest appreciation to those who helped support Art’s nomination
include: Vern O’Donnell, E.A. ‘Doc’ Johnson, Doug Wilson, Glenn Witherspoon,
Deane Cunningham, all of Fort Frances, Ardon Wilson of Murillo, Chuck Menke
of USA Hockey, and Dr. Peter McLeod of Montreal.
Fort Frances High School, and in particular, Art’s Grade 12 classmates, will
be proud of his accomplishments.
Cliff Huber
Kakabeka Falls , Ont.
Editor’s note: Art Berglund will be officially inducted into the Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame along with the other 2004 inductees at the 23rd-annual dinner to be held Saturday, Sept. 25 in Thunder Bay.