Guardian angel

Dear sir:
I want to say a special thank you to someone who helped me several weeks ago. I truly believe in guardian angels, and on this particular day this lady was mine.
I remember her as a friendly patron when I worked at the public library but unfortunately her name escapes me now.
I was walking home one day when I tripped and fell quite hard on the sidewalk just by the traffic lights opposite Perth’s Dry Cleaning. Fortunately, I was not too badly hurt. I was able to get up from my knees, and although somewhat shaky, was able to stand to retrieve my mittens and the package I was carrying from the road.
However, just at that moment from out of nowhere, came a car which stopped, and the lady in question got out of her vehicle to help me up and make sure I was all right. She helped me to the car and took me home, a gesture for which I was very grateful.
If she had not helped me, I would have had to walk the rest of the way home–a distance of about a mile.
I did thank her at the time but I have often wished I knew her name and address so I might have thanked her again. I was so touched by her actions and want her to know how much I appreciated her kindness.
Pat Bird
10 Armstrong Pl.,
Fort Frances