Great time

Margaret Ann Hudson

Dear editor:
Just thinking back to the Christmas party at Rainycrest on Friday afternoon–and what a great time it was!
Rainycrest Auxiliary members assembled around 12:30 p.m., all donning Santa hats of some kind or another. The Activation staff then got all the chairs in place and seated the residents soon after their lunch.
The new sound system with cordless microphone, which the auxiliary recently purchased, was set to go (Derek from Sight & Sound made a special trip to Rainycrest to get everything working properly) and the members started singing Christmas carols around 1:15 p.m. and never stopped until close to 3 p.m.
The very popular Santa and Mrs. Claus also arrived and went around to all the residents delivering delicious oranges.
During the singing, some of the members started getting the party snacks ready. We had 100 cups ready for the delicious fruit punch, which was served along with fruit bread and cut-up cheese. The Timbits, each served in a separate paper holder, were eagerly devoured (we had to beg for more cups as all of ours were used).
Many residents had family join them. Mill Square was completely full and you could just feel the Christmas spirit throughout.
I had moved away from the frivolity to the Tuck Shop when I suddenly heard the most beautiful solo being sung. The carol was “O Holy Night” and the soloist was Edna Sokoliuk, who is a Rainycrest resident. It was simply beautiful to hear and received enthusiastic applause.
With Diane Maxey accompanying the singing, the whole afternoon was just great! Our member, Bev Angus, was in charge of organizing this special event for the very important residents of our community.
I am so proud to be a member of this auxiliary, to see the caring and the time the members so freely give to bring some fun and happiness to the residents. Sometimes we may not think we are “getting through,” but just before I left, I spoke to a lady who was sitting in her wheelchair.
She reminisced about her younger days and her family. She said that even though she couldn’t eat any of the food because of dietary problems, nor could she sing because of a medical condition, she remembered all the words to the carols and sang them in her heart.
She thanked us for giving her a wonderful afternoon.
These kinds of things makes everything we do so worthwhile! Please give us a call if you would like to join us!
Margaret Ann Hudson,
Auxiliary president