Great investment

To the editor:
Not too long ago, Rainy River and Baudette got together and formed a company to build a new bridge across the river.
They got help from both provincial and state governments. They sold shares in their company. The company let a contract and, with some problems, the bridge was built.
After only seven-and-a-half years, the company was able to pay off at least some of its shareholders—and pay them five percent interest on their money.
They have had a toll-free bridge there since.
I am sure our councils could get the details of the finances from our good neighbours.
Our bridge has far more traffic and collects far more money. It would be a great investment with little risks.
There are far more people in our two towns. Surely we can raise our own company.
Thank you,
Ron Helliar
Fort Frances, Ont.
P.S. If the present bridge owners want too much, the company could build its own. It would be shorter than Rainy River’s—and could use an island.