Great event!

Dear People of Fort Frances,
Well, the invasion is over and by now I’m sure most everyone’s life is back to normal. Please allow me to congratulate everyone on another tremendous tournament.
As a team with nine consecutive years fishing your extravaganza my son and I still are as excited as if it were Christmas when the third week of July comes along and we again get the privilege of experiencing the FFCBC.
I understand where you may be skeptical hearing each team go across stage the final day and not only thank the community for its hospitality, but acknowledge the tournament crew for running the best tournament any of us fish each year.
I hope you understand exactly what the fisherman are expressing. We fish a lot of tournaments with each trying to out do the other, yet it is yours they choose to title “The Best.”
Do we hear this at other tournaments? Very seldom. And never have I heard one called the best when compared to yours.
For this reason, I hope you do not take the praise lightly. It is sincerely meant by each voice spoken.
On the other hand, both my son and myself for the first time feel there has been a considerable drop in interest at each day’s weigh-in. I was quite surprised by the response to the local poll in this publication which indicates the greatest interest during the tournament to be the evening events.
We were sure with this being the 10th anniversary that the tent would be at capacity every day. But to our surprise, the attendance seemed to be at its lowest.
Six hundred local volunteers donate thousands of hours for the betterment of the community and I would certainly hate to see this event suffer any loss as it and you deserve the best.
I realize the first year’s command attention as it is new and everyone wants their interests satisfied.
This is expected, but with this kind of feedback I hope the committee does not decide to just have a three-day concert and forget the tournament.
It takes a lot to become number one at anything but when it comes to events like this, you only get one chance to command the respect and allegiance by the participants. Others are going to try and steal the thunder and offer a better product to draw what you now have away.
It is my hope that everyone will continue to support this event and all the effort that is required to keep it #1.

Mike Teigen