Great day

Dear editor:
We wish to thank Mr. Miller for taking us out on the Rocky Inlet Trails last Tuesday. It was nice being out of the classroom and out in the great outdoors.
It was more fun than a normal school day because we snowshoed around the trails and we learned:
•the difference between white and red pine trees;
•about animal tracks and how they move on the snow (the deer mouse tracks with the tail track was cool, and so was the otter tracks leading to the otter holes);
•that we can pick and make tea from the Labrador tea plant;
•about the many types of woodpeckers and how they help out other animals with the holes they leave in the trees;
•not to leave the trail when the snow is deep;
•that there many different kinds of winter birds still in our forest;
•there are many predators of the hare so that is why they have so many litters during the year; and
•that the outhouse is quite cold in the winter!
We also would like to thank Vic who drove the bus for us and the Fort Frances Sportsmen’s Club that paid for the bus, and Mr. Kenny and Mr. Johanson for helping us out at the trails.
Our class also would like to thank the Rocky Inlet people who take care of the chalet. It is a wonderful place for people to have fun and experience the winter in our area.
We are very lucky to have a place like this to visit.
Thank you,
Cynthia Donald’s
Grade 4 class