Grateful to the Lord

Dear editor,
Good day, sir. I was reading last week’s Fort Frances Times and checking out all the various happenings, and some of these things with all the letters and numbers looked quite interesting to me. I was thinking it was some totally new invention.
But then looking closer, I remembered reading in the Good old Book the letter that the Apostle Paul sent to the folks in Rome. If anyone wants to check it out, you will find it in chapter one.
As for myself, I am an old farmer that is very grateful to the LORD our maker, especially in this year of 2018, which has been such a good year as far as growing crops with all the sunshine and rain that we received so abundantly.
I want to close this letter with a quote from the Westminster Catechism a friend was wearing it on his T-shirt this week: “What is the chief end of Man? To glorify God and enjoy HIM forever?”
Thank you,
Mark Gerber
Fort Frances, ON