Grateful for column

Dear sir:
Recently, I visited with Irene Katz Marantz in Winnipeg, who shared with me the column written by Harry Vandetti entitled, “They’re gone, but not forgotten.”
I belatedly want to thank him for writing the column expressing his sentiments about the Jewish residents of Fort Frances. The town was home to the Niznick family and it will always have a special place in our memories.
We and our Fort Frances friends shared our customs, our traditions, our food, our holidays, and our homes. We learned the great lesson of tolerance and acceptance of others who did not have the same beliefs as ours. We lived together in peace and harmony.
If only that were possible elsewhere in the world.
Mr. Vandetti began his article with “Many of us here feel badly about current events in Israel and the continued murder of Jewish people.”
Two of Sadie and Ed Niznick’s grandchildren, Karen and Marcie, and two little great-granddaughters, Melanie and Lorelle, live in Tel Aviv, Israel. Every day, they are confronted with the fear of a terrorist suicide bombing as they go to work or to school or to the grocery store.
Melanie and Lorelle’s babysitter was in a restaurant that was bombed. She was not physically hurt, but spent more than a week in hospital totally traumatized.
Karen’s fiancé was called up to the reserves and served in both Jenin and Ramallah. He returned safely home. We are relieved and grateful.
I encourage you and your readers to learn the true facts of the situation by reading on the Internet such sources as or
A few weeks ago, I had a long conversation with my old friend, Rev. Cliff McMillan, also from Fort Frances, who called me and asked that I help him understand the current Middle East crisis. Israel is a very small place on Earth that occupies a big place in the hearts and minds of people of all faiths.
I write this letter as I embark on my half-yearly trip to visit my children in Israel. I go with a heavy heart for the loss of life on both sides, and for the terrible lack of hope for an early solution that brings peace and safety to an ancient people who have survived through all the
Again, my thanks to Harry Vandetti and to the Fort Frances Times for publishing his article.
Sharon Niznick Glass