Golden opportunity

Dear editor:
Here we go again! Let’s have the Town of Fort Frances run a feasibility study now on hockey schools!
What do they have to do with it anyway? We, as parents, decide if, where, and when our children go to hockey school. We’ll be missing a golden opportunity if the Allison’s can’t run their hockey school here. We have professionals that want to share their knowledge and experience with the youth of Fort Frances and we’re going to refuse them?
Who knows what other hockey professionals will help run this camp?
Think about it–people are going to come from other towns to attend the Allisons’ hockey school and maybe take in part of the bass tournament. They will need to stay somewhere so hotels and campgrounds are going to win. They will need to eat so restaurants and grocery stores are going to win. Maybe shop in downtown Fort Frances so our merchants are going to win.
Our children will learn and benefit from this training, and they are going to WIN!
So what is the problem?
Gus doesn’t own the Borderland Hockey School any more, Metro Wowchuck is retired, and we were promised a second ice surface how many years ago (and we don’t have cheap electricity any more in Fort Frances, either). So I guess promises can be broken!
My son attended the Borderland Hockey School for the first time last summer. He enjoyed it but it doesn’t mean he can’t shop around, maybe in a different town and that might be where the Allisons will take their hockey school if we refuse them.
Don’t think that Dave and Mike are going to be around in Fort Frances forever and offer this opportunity again. We have to jump on it while we have a chance. Dave Allison already has revived our almost dead Midget hockey league.
I’m not sure if they are offering this camp for my son’s age group but if so, sign him up, and I know of two other boys from Kitchener, Ont. who want to attend.
Yours truly,
Bridget Dobransky