Go north young people…go north

Dear editor,

The following is an open letter to Premier Doug Ford.

Ontario’s Future, both Socially and economically demands a path of least resistance, a path towards growth and development.

Most assuredly Ontario needs to get onto a path of wealth creation for our public and private sectors. Our Public Agencies, municipalities and Provincial debt remain large. and growing daily. Ontarians personal debt is at a all time high also. Spending by both sectors have remained neutral, that is to say that long term gain has not occurred. Home ownership is a pipe dream for most Ontarians. Long term career building professions are now limited and hard to find.

What our parents were able to accomplish so long ago can be done again. Home ownership, reliance upon long term well paid employment, an expansion upon the many professional career’s of teachers, trades people, engineers, service professionals, builders and planners can be accomplished. A unprecedented growth of Ontario’s Economy can occur. How?

A Governmental decision needs to be made, a policy that encourages, plan’s for a major shift in our economic system and its direction. Ontario has done little with regards to economic planning. Our Provincial Governments have left provincial growth, its direction and planning to developers, corporations and their marketplace. This system has failed Ontarians. This system has not taken into account our environment, the populations aspirations and dreams. This system works for the wealthy here and abroad. What Ontarians need is a Economic System that allows our provincial government to plan its economic and social growth over time.

The ONLY way Ontario can raise the necessary revenue to pay off its all encompassing debt, while working towards the necessary expenditures of our provinces population is to plan an expansion unlike anything done in North America.


Ontario’s political parties must develop and instigate a planned expansion economically and eventually socially into Northern Ontario. Our north is relatively untouched, unmanipulated. Like a painter’s canvas, Ontario’s Government can plan and create entirely new communities, businesses, industries, technologies in our northland.

The land is inexpensive. Corporations, agencies can be enticed to participate in this expansion northward. The Ring of Fire exists in the North. Its exploitation needs to be well thought out and managed well. No foreign input needed here. Domestic capital welcomed. Perhaps the Ontario Government can give financial enticements to our domestic industries to establish facilities, plant and offices. The movement of Ontario’s surplus population is needed here. Create the industries and jobs, and the population will follow northward. Pre-existing communities will grow. With this growth will come the need for large scale construction of buildings, northern designed homes and apartments. Police, fire stations and schools will be built giving much needed full time positions to our educated youth. A chance to build a future with their growing communities. An expansion upon Ontario’s rail systems will be needed.

The Aboriginal Community will partner with this effort, involving their population in every aspect of the north’s growth. A need to finalize our Aboriginal partners’ land claims will ensure a Northern Peace initiative of planned, well thought out community growth. Revitalizing Ontario’s Northland and its many dispersed communities. We must make Ontario less isolated, more integrated. Distance must never be allowed to be an excuse for not solving a problem. For example providing clean fresh water sources, better, larger housing options.

The housing crisis in Southern Ontario can be solved with this expansion northward. Well priced homes of every type available to our population. Less costly, more of true affordable housing available to all.

Ontario can become a champion of Northland Housing technology, where natural technologies for heating and cooling a home can be perfected.

Senior Living communities, where hospitals are combined with these home like communities. No more ambulances and travel time. Community – colonies where our seniors, their families can live as one and also have their nurses and medical professionals immediately available. Research Institutes which specialize in Senior Living can be developed. The cost to do so would be far less in the north. Flexible living can be applied…where an urban setting is 15 minutes away from our northern scape.

The only way Ontarians can protect our environment is to expand northward. As long as decisions are made in urban settings, the protection, planning and management of our rural and northern lands will suffer. Remember, once our environment is polluted, contaminated and misused it is more difficult to return it to its pristine condition. The planning, consultation and management of our economy, environment and social advancements are not separate issues/portfolio’s, but one large complex one, integrated and combined into a life giving force. The terms I used, such as expansion, manipulation and exploitation are not in themselves threatening or negative. The minerals and gifts that our land offers Ontarians can be used, and managed for a long period. What we achieve in the process is most important. A bright future within a beautiful and exciting Province for all.

Let me know what you think about this idea/concept. It’s time is upon Us. The future of all Ontarians rest in your capable hands.

Steven Kaszab
Bradford, Ontario